Craftsman Experience – How to Install Crown Molding and Other Trim, with My Fix It Up Life

Mark and Theresa Clement of My Fix It Up Life give tips on molding, from the floor to the ceiling. This demonstration took place at the Craftsman Experience …

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25 Responses to Craftsman Experience – How to Install Crown Molding and Other Trim, with My Fix It Up Life

  1. TODDZILLA226 says:

    these guys are beginners……… I do? this everyday …. I need to do a video…..way too Martha Stewart

  2. CallofDuty4and5PRO says:

    They are talking like beginners, due to? the fact that they are teaching. If you do this everyday, then why are you watching (TODDZILLA226)??

  3. Timberman52 says:

    I guess they had fun…. I wish they had as much interest in teaching. VERY poor camera work, no flow or consistency; they were all over the place. I’ll find another? video, and another brand of tools too. Waste of almost an hour…

  4. 95jamesg says:

    fakest laugh ever?

  5. 95jamesg says:

    16:30 “as much as i love tools”, you dont love tools you idiot in all of your videos youre throwing them around, dropping them and banging them all around? like theyre off cuts of wood or something!!

  6. Joshua de Boer says:

    stop trying so hard?

  7. MASKEDmanREVIEWS87 says:


  8. sopher23 says:

    Leave out all the stupid attempt? at humor, fake laughs and get to and stick to the point. I could not watch more than 3 minutes of this !

  9. iLikeHearYou says:

    i’m not a hater, or ever really? wished harm on other people…. but man, this was really hard you watch. All these great tips, information and experience is drowned out by douche’baggery… please re-make, minus these three individuals…

  10. feb21able says:

    what? the fuck man get to fucking work bitch its not comedy show

  11. aarongillette says:

    20:15 one? of the most akward moments ive ever seen.

  12. dandyspros says:

    These are the 3 biggest Tools that I have ever? seen, this video is just un-watchable….

  13. djvboo88 says:

    It’s? cool

  14. djvboo88 says:

    Suggestion cut out the? music, lady chit-chat, host, and camera man.

  15. Joeystro32 says:

    The boyfriend let the girl in the video to be nice and she ruined it by trying to be overpowering and acting like? she knows what’s she’s doing. Because of her we couldn’t learn anything about crown. Thanks for nothing u bimbo.

  16. Marcaveli7 says:

    More? trim, less awkward humor

  17. FtMadBob says:

    Another series of videos? sponsored by a major retailer, this time Craftsman, that totally disregard basic safety rules. None of them are wearing safety glasses while sawing or nailing. Both wearing jewelry, bracelets, rings and a watch. A novice watching this would think that this is all OK, but it’s not. Sears knows better, read the warnings on all their tools. The “professional” carpenter should know better and should be teaching and showing the proper way in addition to the how-to.

  18. Pete Smith says:

    Utter nonsense!!!!! Do not follow this video,if you want to install moulding,of any? kind,find a real video,done by a professional.

  19. bobswoodshop says:

    Sorry? but you are not showing the correct way to do this.

  20. MrCheech813 says:

    this episode? needs to be remaked

  21. David Sulewski says:

    words escape me,….no wait… this is so unprofessional. I wouldn’t want these two? working on my crew.

  22. hogchief7 says:

    You didn’t talk about outside corners at all for? the crown

  23. Ron Hawkins says:

    And this is why? Target bought Sears.

  24. beerbuzz99 says:

    As nice as she is to look? at I really just need the details….I’ll come back to her when I’m finished with my job

  25. RX350Sport says:

    Could have condensed this video from 42 minutes to less than 5,? and it would be more useful… Come on, guys!

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