Coping Crown Molding

There are plenty of good videos showing how to cope crown molding. When I started putting up crown in my house, I could not figure out why I would cope. I also never saw the back side of a coped piece on the other videos. Hopefully this will answer some of your questions if you are taking on this task at home. For more information visit

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  1. slip5777 says:

    I have never seen someone coping molding with a jig saw. Why dont you use a coping saw? you got way more control. I bet you caulk the joint after anyways,

  2. deluxebros says:

    Thanks for a straight foreward? demo.

  3. trimlogic says:

    haha When he shows the coped joint you can totally tell that he caulked it to make it look tight! You went a little overboard in coping this small moulding with a jigsaw. A coping saw would have? done the job twice as fast and with less work too!

  4. trimlogic says:

    I guess you’ve got a desire to cut? your finger off one of these days huh?

  5. David Moynihan says:

    Coping saw can work if there are a few corners to cope. My kitchen & family room had 12 inside corners. Jigsaw was? faster and saved wear and tear on the arm. Use the link in the info for this video to read more info.

  6. adina2003 says:

    I have been coping crown for? 20 years now. If you dont know what your doing ….” leave it to me ” !! LOL !!

  7. adina2003 says:

    Oh ya !! And I use a dewalt jig saw ! Been doing it? for a long time people !!

  8. iota1122 says:

    The Jig saw is way faster? than the old fashioned coping saw. Our finished product looked perfect as well. It just takes practice.

  9. iota1122 says:

    Who ever wants to try his or her hand at this method, do not use the type of blade that is on his jig-saw. There is a specific blade for coping which will make the finished product much cleaner.?

  10. Daemonsevin says:

    THANK YOU! This video actually showed the other side of the molding after it was? cut. I can now see how exactly it was done. He also did close-ups. Thanks again.

  11. Moe7133 says:

    Use the Multi-Master, its way way more? stable then a jig-saw.

  12. MrsScatCat says:

    Excellent video! Being female, it takes extra strength plus skill to handle a jigsaw. It was sorta like Goldie Hawn in Overboard with the chain saw – totally out of control for me and bababa. I went through alot of wood using a jigsaw. For? what I lacked in strength, I had to use a coping saw for slower more accurate control of the cut. Ladies, don’t try this with a jigsaw unless you can bench press “X” amount of weight and can handle a jigsaw as easily as you can a bobbie pin for your hair.

  13. David Ryhter says:

    You did it the right way Mrs. . …., and I have been doing crown molding for 25 yrs. The coping saw is the proper tool for the job, because as you said “accurate” and that is key to quality work. When doing stain grade crown and you can not hide your mistakes behind a tube of caulk you have to use a coping saw, a jig saw. tablesaw , grinder or what ever are all to course to be doing fine work.. Seldom do? you see doing something quickly done well.

  14. David Ryhter says:

    Doing it? wrong for 20 years is nothing to brag about!

  15. kmiller0402 says:

    Than you for putting this on here…..base, crown, AND shoe molding is tricky if you can’t “cope”…..practice on scrap? wood if you’re a beginner

  16. Saborsaoco says:

    Thank you! Finally? someone explaining it in a common sence way!

  17. cocamustang says:

    jigsaw works well. I use it to for the bigger 4” base. ? smaller stuff coping saw is way fast.

  18. Ted Welch says:

    The chalked joint in the finished frame does not really show your work…rough.? Good demo….but you cheat it the results.

  19. jus1der says:

    This has to be the best video I have ever seen for coping molding. In the past I? have used a coping saw but never quite got the angle correct on the back side. Using a jigsaw and keeping its shoe flat against the molding….Brilliant….Just BRILLIANT… Thanks!!!!

  20. sephra86 says:

    got big project at home watched all vids but this one by far the easiest to? understand,good tip seeing other side of cut profile,thanks for tips.

  21. ss4435 says:

    how/where? do you measure the length of the pieces and how do you determine which pieces to cope?

  22. hamedelic says:

    Length will be based on what fits across your wall. The demo uses short pieces just to make it easy. If molding from the store is too long for you wall, then measure the length of the wall and cut? to size. Does not matter which side you cope. You do need to nail up the non-coped side first. I went counter-clockwise around my room, so in my case, the left side ended up being the cop’ed side.

  23. backyardsounds says:

    best ‘novice’? vid going…at least from what I’ve seen.

  24. inbetweentheday says:

    buy a? collins foot for your jigsaw for coping… you’ll love it!

  25. Soupynuts420 says:

    Just learn how to bisect angles people it’s not that hard… Machined finish over hand hacked finish anytime? coping is for baseboards…..

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