Coping crown molding made easy with EasyCoper

Coping crown molding using a jigsaw and EasyCoper. The video demonstrates both the right & left side cope.

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8 Responses to Coping crown molding made easy with EasyCoper

  1. fenceposter says:

    Thanks for posting that. This was the best video that I have seen for the product. I’ll be? getting one soon myself. Thanks

  2. bmartist says:

    This is the coolest thing I have seen!
    My poor husband is about to find out our next? project will be crown moldings!

  3. OurTimeIsOut says:

    Is this a 45 degree crown? What? if you have a 52 degree crown?

  4. rotaxrider says:

    So when coping crown do you still need to know your inside angle of? your wall or will it always be cut at a 45 and will this coping jig work for different spring angles?

  5. NixonAre says:

    you have to cut the molding on the miter saw first to gett the rigth? degrees, then you cop it

  6. ILIAD9 says:

    Nice- I never thought of using a jig saw for such cuts. ? What type of blade?

  7. TheJokeyp55 says:

    I just purchased this product and boy it’s just as easy as it seems. Make sure you have your jig on low speed so that the jig can? be controlled. I had mine on high at first until I figured it out. Also be sure to purchase those Bosch blades like the website recommends.

  8. Dane Harvey says:

    Ive been installing crown? everyday for 5 years….get a $10 dollars coping saw (period)

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