Coping crown molding

Coping crown molding using EasyCoper and a jigsaw.

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  1. guild54 says:

    that is a very useful holder. where do you find those?? haven’t seen them in Lowe’s or home depot.?

  2. haleyb52 says:

    guild54,? go to website for “easycoper”

  3. iamjames2 says:

    ooooooh that’s nice…. shame I can’t just go buy this at home depot or lowe’s or ace, I could really use one of those tonight.? They need to show at the end of the video that piece being installed

  4. woodgrainut says:

    why not use a chop saw or table saw for the angles? Does the jig saw make the? molding look better when intalled?

  5. kirkdavidbowen says:

    just? make one…i,m gonna …thanks

  6. robert0380 says:

    Like woodgrainut said, why not use a miter saw? I guess a saw would be more expensive but then I’d still opt for? the pre-fab corner pieces at Home Depot.

  7. digitalprecisions says:

    Primary reason for not using a miter saw is that not all inside corners are 90 degrees. Some will be 87, some will be 91 1/2, etc. If you cope the piece correctly, it doesnt matter if the corner isn’t perfectly square….. your joint will still look flawless. Also, remember? that you only have to cope the second piece in each corner; the other one is a quick, simple straight cut ran long into the wall.

    Even with the jig, you’ll want a non-orbital variable speed jigsaw with fine tooth blade.

  8. sbfcjc says:

    Check this out…. who’dve ever thunk??? Where do I buy that jig??

  9. jradai says:

    you make it look so simple. I am going out tomorrow and buying a new battery for my jigsaw. I am going to be really upset if I cant do it. I’ve just spent my entire weekend trying to do? this with a coping saw. Damaged several scrap pieces of some expensive crown moulding. Not happy. My husband and I are barely talking b/c I wont give it up. I cant wait to try this tomorrow. thanks for the video

  10. joeyf1000 says:

    this ia absurd, you can cope with a coping saw faster than a jig saw and don’t need to lug? around the extra tools.

  11. itsafeeling says:

    Are you married??

  12. Craig Arndt says:

    True, but not if you don’t have the arm strength to do an entire project. She held that line pretty good with a heavy jigsaw.?

  13. otto5656 says:

    she talks to? much

  14. smolenskik says:

    An experienced carpenter like myself would clamp the work? piece to a work table and freehand jigsaw cope at least 2 in that time I’m betting I could do 3 because it’s fjp which is some soft stuff. However I think she did a great job on that piece I just wonder how many takes it took them to get that one.

  15. Terra812 says:

    Pretty slick little invention… holds the saw at a good angle so you cut it back far enough.

    I’ll bet the guys claiming they could cut it faster by hand coping never? spent an entire day crowning a coffered ceiling.

  16. ceoxtc says:

    Thanks for the vid. I picked one of these up from but wasn’t entirely sure how to use it. For those of us who aren’t carpenters, this? show-and-tell is what we need.

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