coping crown molding

Proper way to hand cope crown moldings. Take your time. It takes practice. Use a file to clean the edges if you need. Fine tooth blade 20 or 24 TPI teeth facing down to cut. Stanley blades seem to be best.

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  1. kawgirl13 says:

    You are brilliant. Putting up crown couldn’t be easier with your techniques. I have been struggling with this for a while and produced a whole lot of waste in the process. The beauty of this is you don’t have to keep changing the saw settings. Just? slide and flip the piece and cut! And coping produces a perfect fit every time. You rock!

  2. Labattfartoui says:

    You are a coping saw god. Nice? work.

  3. schidtdemon says:

    Nicely done, thanks for the tip?

  4. Miyanovich says:

    “either like THIS, or like THIS, none of? this junk!”

    F-ing love it.

  5. bethblack says:

    omg!! yay! my husband will be so happy i found this video. we’ve been struggling with our crown molding for two days.? almost gave up. i hope it’s as easy as you make it look lol

  6. zachisbackfu says:

    I bet? your uncle jake taught you that!

  7. 3gWood says:

    Uncle Jake taught me the results of? drugs. And why spell check is so important.

  8. lemracki says:

    You are so funny and helpful. I want to add crown molding to my bedroom and kitchen. I think that I will try it.? Thank you for the great video.

  9. udirtyfootsmeller says:

    Good deal thanx for the video hahahaha?

  10. sunsprout8 says:

    You are a great teacher. I? did exactly as you instructed and it worked perfectly. Thank you

  11. serjiobond says:

    you are the? Man! thanks tomorrow i will finish my bedroom crown with no time.

  12. THEBILLPHIL says:

    Great Video. It took me forever coping my dinning room crown moulding. The rest of the house will be? a slam dunk.

  13. TruckerTim76 says:

    you seriously could have? a TV show with your name on it. love the vids you posted

  14. saetneta says:

    Thank You!?

  15. lgttb1 says:

    i would have been? fired if i coped the solid cherry crown molding at the Tiffany store and needed to caulk it ….

  16. grip2010dc says:

    good job? like the hand skills newbees keep spair blades.

  17. J Kindle says:

    ROFL…lol… Great video. I like your straight forwardness. Its hilarious… Old guys with bad eyes.? LOL.

  18. JcM3727 says:

    Lol? move back a little bit! Lol great jon!

  19. Tom MacDaddy says:

    Thanks for the tip on the TPI. I have the 16 blade. 24 made it much better…?

  20. Ribs4Lunch says:

    Thanks.? Makin it look easy

  21. CaptBenSisko says:

    looks easy when you do it. thanks for showing how to? do it

  22. inbetweentheday says:

    check out the collins foot for? coping… you’ll love it

  23. lutherdriggers says:

    i bet? no one would have noticed 😀

  24. NSResponder says:

    Nice to see someone doing this correctly for once. I? can’t even count the number of half-assed installations I’ve seen where someone just used a miter box on crown molding.


  25. Marshallvs80 says:

    2:23 “so the two pieces don’t bump into each udda” Great video and the accent makes you sound like an expert even more.?

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