Computer Case Modding with a Dremel Rotary Tool

Computer case modding with a Dremel 300 Series, Flex Shaft #225-01, EZ Lock Metal Cutting Wheel #EZ456 and EZ Lock Mandrel #EZ402.

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25 Responses to Computer Case Modding with a Dremel Rotary Tool

  1. loadead1 says:

    America’s Got? Talent…

  2. robotmotor says:

    i buy that machine dremel 300 but? she did not cut aluminum they are liar

  3. noidno1 says:

    i? cut hard steel with it. use the right cutting wheel..

  4. robotmotor says:

    yes? iwill search thank you

  5. wirelesscps says:

    lol same?

  6. Dezki says:

    What wheel? did you use?

  7. BeeRich33 says:

    How do you? cut corners? I need to cut a 38mm corner and I am hoping I can use my Dremel somehow.

  8. Aristowi says:

    Does a dremel work for cutting the acrylic for the side window? or will? the acrylic break? Thanks

  9. Dremel410 says:

    Yes, Dremel rotary tools? can be used to cut acrylic.

  10. Dremel410 says:

    Hi there,
    You may want to consider using the Right Angle Attachement to keep the body of the tool out of the way? and make the cut as straight on as possible.

    You might also try a cut-off wheel with a small radius. We recommend using a partially used cut-off wheel, as they are easier to use when they get smaller. Feel free to call the Dremel Experts at 800.437.3635 with more questions.

  11. BeeRich33 says:

    I found a hole saw that worked pretty well. I was going through thin stainless.?

  12. Urtaget says:

    Dear Dremel,
    Would a Dremel 688? Rotary Tool Cut-Off Wheel Set be able to do casemodding like this?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. ooke2567 says:

    what dremel cutting disc would i need? to cut 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm stainless steel, as cleanly as possible, thanks

  14. GruntyStudios says:

    … No use? of Tape over the logo? Uh, what about the possibility of scratching?

  15. Dremel410 says:

    @MJBDC7 This would depend on what type of tool you’re using. If? it’s a rotary, for these cuts we may consider switching to the Multi-Max (corded or cordless)

  16. epicmatrix101 says:

    …. Scratching, plexi goes? on the inside not outside…

  17. epicmatrix101 says:

    just? about any would…. u can even use a jigsaw

  18. Urtaget says:

    Thanks? man!

  19. afakasiTIPz says:

    I have a dremel 200, can i still mod? or does the model of? dremel not matter?

  20. jad3948 says:

    yes, lots of em?

  21. 52panmeichen says:

    can this use to drill a hole to wall?? haha?

  22. daro2096 says:

    Yes but you use a lower power setting. Too high? and it will help it not cut it.

  23. SilentDiablo says:

    My battery operated dremel has cut through anything I’ve ever needed it to. You are using the wrong wheel for your application. You might be using a sanding wheel to try to cut metal. I accidentally attempted that when I first had gotten my dremel. ?

  24. SilentDiablo says:


  25. Freddy Omaña says:

    I Just Cut my first window for my case with the Dremel 3000 it was very fun and the work finished very GooD 😀 thanks for your advises?

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