Cleaning Golf Clubs with a Dremel Rotary Tool

Cleaning golf clubs with a Dremel 300 Series, Multi-Vise #2500-01, Brass Brush #535 and Abrasive Buff #512E

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7 Responses to Cleaning Golf Clubs with a Dremel Rotary Tool

  1. mebbalc says:


  2. gavgorx8 says:

    ahahahahha he just wrote? “lol”

  3. shlind1997 says:

    ahhhh good? idea i could use my mums nail cleaning set

  4. Tommy Whole says:

    good tips.? cheers.

  5. Bill Fill says:

    or you can spit shine ur clubs… ive been? doing that for 10 years now lol

  6. prorobo says:

    If? you get to the point where you need a Dremel to clean your clubs, you probably aren’t a golfer.

  7. samsfolio says:

    or you brought a? set that needed cleaning up

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