Chicago Electric Dremel Review

A quick review of the Chicago Electric Dremel (rotary tool). Link to John Deere Tractor Rim Painting.…

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6 Responses to Chicago Electric Dremel Review

  1. LaggyController says:

    I’ve been watching reviews on dremmels for like an hour and all of them were 80-100 bucks. Thanks for this video, you saved me alot of? money.

  2. Technologytoolbox says:

    Your? welcome. I was looking for a cheap Dremel tool and I found the one from Chicago Power Tools. I like it a lot.

  3. Chet Rogers says:

    Do you know if the cutting wheel? “the aggressive tooth one” that you were showing would work for cutting plastic? Thanks for any info. Great review

  4. Technologytoolbox says:

    The aggressive tooth cutting wheel cuts plastic pretty good as long? as it is not very brittle plastic like cd cases are made out of. You can cut plastic that is not brittle pretty well. You will just have to clean up the edges with the sanding bit. Also that bit doesn’t come with the Dremel I showed in the review. I found that at a Sears hardware store for a few dollars.

  5. Alan Daters says:

    This sounds like an economical choice for a ROTARY TOOL. But you should not keep calling it a Dremel, which it is NOT. Sort? of like reviewing a Ford and constantly calling it a Mercedes Benz. Again, I’m not knocking this tool, but innovator brands should get some respect by not stealing their names!

  6. Technologytoolbox says:

    Sorry… I forgot that it was a rotary tool and not a Dremel. Dremel? is a brand and I have always called that rotary tool a Dremel. In my future videos I will call it a rotary tool from now on. Thanks for the tip.

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