Chainsaw sharpening. Simple DIY Dremel type rotary tool.

Really fast and simple chainsaw sharpening. If you have a variable speed rotary tool then you’ll be able to take just a minimal amount of metal off to get it sharp. I find it much more effective than an electric table top type chainsaw grinding sharpener.

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3 Responses to Chainsaw sharpening. Simple DIY Dremel type rotary tool.

  1. Waccoustics says:

    Camara? Man; lay off the caffiene…

  2. BowHunterSDK says:

    Great demo. One question: I have the same rotary tool from Canadian Tire that you use in the video BUT I don’t have that little? gauge that you have attached to it for the proper angle. I’ve searched their website and haven’t been able to find it. Could you please tell me where you got it? Cheers!

  3. Dawseyandsons says:

    Sharpening Attachment Kit
    Model: A679-02 | Store SKU: 1000668813 Home Depot

    The sharpening kit is made by Dremel around $20.? It comes with one lawnmower/ax sharperner aswell with the guides and the stones. I found that the stones made by dremel last way longer than the ones from Canadian Tire. I imagine the Diamond coated ones would be really well.

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