Carving tagua figurines with a Dremel rotary tool.AVI

Leonor Alfonso uses a Dremel rotary tool to carve tagua figurines at the San Diego Zoo as part of the Pro Pueblo Fair Trade Sustainable Handicrafts program.

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8 Responses to Carving tagua figurines with a Dremel rotary tool.AVI

  1. MrBondy123 says:


  2. PierLuigi Franchi says:

    Great !
    But… why doesn’t she use a flex? shaft instead?

  3. PoppaTom1948 says:

    WOW! Impressive work! Amazing collection of? carvings. . . My hat is off to you. God bless you and the sale of your carvings!

  4. kingcollie says:

    beautiful work! what skills you have. If there? is a good bit of tourism there you know people are eatin those up. I would

  5. morningbirdfeeder says:

    nice, very? nice work

  6. TheScientist0000000 says:

    To? be honest, those thing creep me out a little bit for some reason. But I appreciate the effort you put into the production of the video, thanks alot.

  7. coolspindrift says:

    Absolutely beautiful work. I recently visited a button factory in Ecuador and was amazed to learn about tagua. Thanks for sharing your gifts with? us.

  8. sk8jake10 says:

    I have a older one and at the top through the little vent there is a small spark right by 2? rods is that sopposed to be there

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