Cabinet Crown Molding Tim Carter, from, demonstrates why it is a good idea to install crown molding on cabinets. Sign up NOW for Tim’s FREE weekly newsletter at:

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21 Responses to Cabinet Crown Molding

  1. swt1212 says:

    At 21 seconds, I noticed that the crown molding ended near the base of the stairs because? the ceiling ended there. How would you go about cutting that end point? Do you just do a normal outside corner?

  2. AsktheBuilder says:

    Yes,? that is how it is done.

  3. swt1212 says:

    Thanks! I really appreciate? your response

  4. Rick P says:

    where’s the how to? Looks like just a plug for you’re site??

  5. Jeffrey12342001 says:

    I am installing crown moulding on my cabinets I bought from Home Depot. Just like in the video you will need to attach a “base” at the top? of the cabinet to attach the moulding to.

  6. ObamaBinLadin says:

    and he’s got? a lot of commercials on his website

  7. DIYsharkey says:

    Marketing is very important in a business like this, especially when he’s up against other big networks like himself. And besides, he? did have a nice and easy how-to within the video. I remember doing this for our bathroom, it didn’t turn out as well as we planned, it’s hard to explain I would think.

  8. 07198027 says:

    NOT true! You CAN? attach crown molding directly to the cabinets. Most, if not all, cabinets have enough space between the door and the top of the cabinet to pin nail crown molding. It is done all the time.

  9. calrageous says:

    Mr. Builder, how do you attach the frame to the cabinetry to support the crown moulding? I don’t want to attach to the cabinet as it may damage the cabinet and shorten the appearance even more. Thanks!?

  10. AsktheBuilder says:

    apply pieces of wood to the top of? the cabinet that are flush with the front and sides of the cabinets

  11. calrageous says:

    Understood,? but how do you adhere the peices of wood to the top?

  12. AsktheBuilder says:

    finish nails,? glue

  13. jimbrausky says:

    yeah. that”s what I was waitng for. to see how he glues the molding in place. left me? stranded.

  14. BandHBuilders says:

    Crown moldings increase the value of the interiors many times over.? Thanks for sharing Tim!

  15. acousticpick says:

    @askthebuilder tim how do you install crownmoldin on a cabinet that has 1/4″ space sticking out ( is kind of like? a filler strip ( stock cabinets homedepot))

  16. jorge amparan says:

    did you? put nails on the crown mouldind ?

  17. OrionsChild says:

    I’m buying a house this fall with a lot of potential, but the cabinets in the kitchen are pretty blase. I like the look of a raised center panel on the doors, but the current fronts are flat with a sharp 1/2×3″ border around each door. Is there some way to spruce the doors up to match the pretty crown molding the owners put on top of the cabinets? Or am I stuck with buying all new cabinet doors if I want them to match? the look of the trim?

  18. 007JAYDADDY says:

    Can? you show us how to make an aquarium stand using 3/4 inch oak plywood? L72″ x W24″ x H36″.

  19. AsktheBuilder says:

    Yes I can, but you’ll have to pay to see it. For the most part all my future videos will be pay to play. There is no money? in giving these away for free.

  20. Matthew Halford says:

    I also would be interested in seeing this. Full project from start to finishing with molding? and door installation would be great.

  21. Matthew Halford says:

    Also a nice looking canopy? for the tank would be a great addition as well!

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