Buying and Using Dremel Bits, Vid 170

I talk about buying bits for your Dremel Multi-Tool and possible uses for them in our modelling and miniature hobby.

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  1. Generalsplatton says:

    LOL? Thanks my friend!


    Have two? Dremels! You can never have enough!!! Always wear goggles or some form of eye protection. Came close too many times.

  3. Generalsplatton says:

    Good point, should have mentioned? that. Thanks buddy!

  4. riccistuff says:

    Thanks for education. I need to cut 1/8″ basa wood into a very ornate detail. I’m? making a miniature puppet theater and need to design the outer stage area. Which bit would be best to cut through the wood and allow me to create various arches, points, etc.

  5. Generalsplatton says:

    A very small carving/etching bit is sold for Dremels. But, since you will be working with Balsa wood, I wonder if the Dremel will be too fast and powerful for the task. I don’t have the? answer to that question, save to say go slowly and be very careful. Thanks buddy!

  6. Thomas Romundstad says:

    Thanks for this video mate, but the white cylinder buffing/polishing bits you show? around 04:40 ..What kind of “mounting-pin” or “attachment” (i dunno the name but i mean sorta the bit you use to mount the cutting-wheels in) would you use for them?

  7. Generalsplatton says:

    For those types of attachments, cutting wheels and buffers, there is another holder. Basically, it’s a long shaft that has a screw in one end. First, put the shaft in the drill. Next, take out the screw and put a buffer or cutting wheel on? and reattach the screw. It’s a pretty simple system to use those types of bits and stuff. Hope that helps, thanks buddy!

  8. yourthebhoy says:

    I? think he means @ 3:52 :]

  9. yourthebhoy says:

    What is the? bit 2 bits from the right of the wrench with the screw shaped head on it? Thanks.

  10. DataRascal says:

    There’s a brilliant way to get free diamond bits for fine work, – from ones dentist.Their dentist bits wear out and are very expensive to buy costing more than one can imagine. I did this; they never wear out too.? BE SURE TO WEAR PROTECTIVE GLASSES, for sure if one of these breaks it can do serious harm.

  11. jgilk1 says:

    picked up a set of drill bits at lowes sold by skill has 12-16 of the most used? sizes for a dremmel for less then $10 there are other bits in there that are larger but ill have other uses for them as well

  12. Generalsplatton says:

    It? is for boring, I think. Thanks mate!

  13. Generalsplatton says:

    Cool, thanks? for sharing the tip with us!

  14. Generalsplatton says:

    Yep, that is the way to get bits, in groups.? Thanks dude!

  15. DawgYankee says:

    I believe it’s used to hold the soft? buffing wheels (? those white circular discs in the left side of the case). The screw tip digs into the buffing wheel to hold it securely.

  16. DawgYankee says:

    Last Christmas, our True Value hardware store had a great deal on an accessory kit. It was a generic brand but all the attachments/bits etc. fit my Ryobi rotary tool perfectly. It had over 250 pieces (yes alot of them were drums and discs)…but there were at least 60 different type bits and pads for drilling, grinding, buffing, engraving, cleaning, etc. It also came with a drilling guide attachment…The whole thing cost $10 !! Check out your local big box / hardware store for? good deals.

  17. Generalsplatton says:

    WOW, that is a deal, lucky you. LOL There are many good buys for kits like that, thank goodness. Yep, those are great places to start? the search. Thanks buddy!

  18. yourthebhoy says:

    I see, thank you. Pity my Dremel burnt out? the other day!! still under warranty though:)

  19. icawn says:

    hello. question. i am creating a piece of wall art. i want it to sit flush on the wall, I plan to drill a hole partially into the back, and forming a “slot” for the screw head to slide in to prevent the picture from easily being removed from the wall without lifting it 1/2″ or so. it’s the most common technique i am? sure, but it’s hard for me to explain.

    which bit should i use?


  20. Generalsplatton says:

    I’ll send a PM, thanks? for the question!

  21. jokerswild1963 says:

    Thanks for posting this video,it if? filled with tons of info regarding the accessories and how to use them.I also have a dremel and a generic rotary tool.I do agree with you,this is the best buy for your buck!!

  22. Generalsplatton says:

    Glad it? was of use, thanks mate!

  23. alght7 says:

    not sure how? to change the bits

  24. Generalsplatton says:

    I have another vid on using the Dremel, in it I think I showed how to? change bits. Thanks for watching!

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