Buying and Owning a Dremel Rotary Tool, Vid 169

I show and talk about purchasing and using a Dremel Multi Tool. My recommendations for models are also looked at.

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25 Responses to Buying and Owning a Dremel Rotary Tool, Vid 169

  1. LetsCutFoam says:

    sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ my dad was clearing out his tool chest, and I picked up a BIG craftsman router. but the real gem was an automatic pneumatic rotary tool. Its much smaller than? the craftsman, and i picked up the correct sized collets to use all the dremel accessories! I think i just like the sound of pneumatic!

  2. madgolem says:

    Handy tool bro. I have one too and it is really helpful.?

  3. gsw0882 says:

    WOW! 25,000 RPM per minute? That’s amazing! Someone should warn Dremel, though… if you? let the tool run non-stop? At 25,000 revolutions per minute per minute, the bit will exceed the speed of light in 39 days! I’m not sure the bits are rated for that speed…

  4. Hamilkar Barkas says:

    i have a very similar tool,? it works excellent!

  5. SteveSabbai says:

    …i stored away my Dremel now i? cant find it…aaargh!!!…

  6. Generalsplatton says:

    Thanks? my friend!

  7. Generalsplatton says:

    Thanks mate!?

  8. Generalsplatton says:

    Cool, good finds then. ? Thanks buddy!

  9. Generalsplatton says:

    They sure are. Thanks? bro!

  10. Generalsplatton says:

    LOL I have no idea why you would need to go that fast in hobby work but you can. Yep, just no faster, so the? Universe doesn’t implode. hehe Thanks!

  11. Generalsplatton says:

    Cool, show it. Yours might be? easier to get in Europe and others will know what to look for. Thanks dude!

  12. Generalsplatton says:

    I hate that too. Hope you? find it, thanks!

  13. Hamilkar Barkas says:

    i could do that ๐Ÿ™‚ dremel is widely available in europe. back then when i was a little teenager i couldnยดt afford? a proper dremel, so i bought mine. it is a no name product, but has all the tools yours have, also the speed regulation is the same.
    it costed only a 1/4 of the price of a dremel, good deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Generalsplatton says:

    Man, that was? a good deal.

  15. badgrendels says:

    I agree do get the dremel brand. Others don’t work quite as well. Second, I own two, one battery operated and one is a very similar model to the one? you showed. I think it was the model right before yours came out.

    Also do buy the accessories in a big kit, but make sure you are not just getting sanding drums. One kit I bought had three real attachments and a lot of sanding drums.

  16. Generalsplatton says:

    Thanks buddy! Mine is overkill for what I do in the hobby. But I didn’t originally buy it for hobby work. I love that little one you have. The kits are the way to go and you’re right about those sneaky sanding drums and might as well add cutting disks to the list. LOL ? Still can’t upload anything.

  17. badgrendels says:

    Neither can I. I have reported it, but with my last experience with YouTube and reporting bugs,? I am not holding my breath…..

  18. fishfleas says:

    One thing to note, is they make an engraver. I picked the engraver up because it looked to be a better fit for what i was doing. I then bought the engraving set for working on small items. Come to find out the engraver is NOT a rotary tool, it is a? vibrating tool. So it did not work with the rotary engraving tools. So make sure you are looking at rotary tools when looking to buy one… ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Generalsplatton says:

    yeah? for engraving you have to use a bit only. Thanks for the input bro!

  20. BasicModelling says:

    I bought a mini-drill type tool with a lot of accessories… but it could not handle the smallest drillbit, that was supplied with the tool.. rather disappointing as that was the very drillbit I wanted (and needed) to use… ๐Ÿ™ It wasn’t a dremel, but right now? the type and manufacturer eludes me..

    One day, in a future existence, I will actually buy a tool that does what I expect it to do… then I will have reached Nirvana…

  21. Generalsplatton says:

    LOL Yeah, it’s great, to once? in awhile get to that place. Thanks my friend!

  22. joellogan says:

    Thanks for the video I have been looking? at some dremel knock offs at harbor freight tools.

  23. Generalsplatton says:

    I would get a Dremel, they are the best. Thanks buddy!?

  24. VividAdventures2010 says:

    Very nice overview of the Dremel tool General! I just got my first one this past Christmas actually. It was one of the gifts I bought myself. I thought about trying to use it for drilling holes for pinning but I just don’t know how well I could control it. I just feel more comfortable using the old fashion hand tool for? that.

    I have been eyeballing one of those kits though. I bought a couple of things with it at first but that one you had was awesome! Thanks for sharing bro!

  25. Generalsplatton says:

    Thanks buddy! They are? handy, and the accessory kits are the way to go. Just keep working with it and you’ll get it. Try drilling sprue to get some practice.

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