Bull Nose Corners Crown Molding

Instructional video on how to cut perfect bullnose corners on your crown molding using the Cut N Crown cutting system. Perfect cuts every time! No books or charts needed. Learn more at cutncrown.com

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2 Responses to Bull Nose Corners Crown Molding

  1. jsiandua says:

    could? you show how to cut a base board on bull noe? or if you know where can I watch a video?

  2. bradley3965 says:

    Actually this guy is wrong about the installation process . I trim houses for a living and the quickest way to make the corner is with 2 positioning pieces , the small point piece and a length of scrap about 1 foot long .Join the 2 together on the wall and ceiling with 22.5 deg. angles cut on them . Make sure that the 2 , 22.5 angles fit together . Take? a brad nailer and nail the point piece to the wall and ceiling , now you can accurately get measurements or scribe to fit the adjoining lengths.

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