These are the tools I use to carve bone and some of the objects I have carved. Since this video I now use the Shofu high speed carving tool and this dremel 4000. I found using both works well with some of the larger projects I have worked on.

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  1. TheWoodman1948 says:

    Your using your phone for your videos is cool . . but have you considered a “real” video camera? It? may be on my end but the audio is very low. God bless bubba.

  2. TheWoodman1948 says:

    You have? done some awesome work. I spoke a bit soon I guess about the phone video and you mentioned using your Computer camera but you also said you were going to get some “better” video equiptment and that would be great. For one so talented it would really make a difference in your presentation. Great work . . .I love it all!

  3. sticknstonesbrkbones says:

    Mike, thanks for sharing your knowledge on bone-carving. I am wondering what the brand name is on the dremal and if there are any dremals you don’t recomend. Also, when carving deer antlers is there a soft spot in the middle that you shouldn’t try? to carve? Thanks for any info shared

  4. sticknstonesbrkbones says:

    oh, I almost forgot to ask. Do you sell? your work strictly on ebay or do you sell from your shop?

  5. Jacob Konen says:

    @DomSubmissiveKitty I just picked up a Dremel for myself? today, and I got mine at Home Depot it was about $65 for the dremel and $25 for the handheld extension, Really anyplace that sells tools will most likely have a dremel. Hope this helped!

  6. wartecsticks says:

    Hi Mike, just watching your bone carving videos. My question to you is; how do you finish, seal, your bone work when you are done carving it? Your work is very nice. I have only done? a lot of woodworking carving before but because of you I am thinking of bone now.

  7. MysticalMeDesigns says:

    I just wanted to clarify for some of the folks who have commented, that his Dremel IS an actual Dremel. That is the brand name. There are other, much cheaper rotary tools on the market, but you DO get what you pay for. I was delighted to see that he uses the same Dremel model that I do (Dremel 4000). I got mine on eBay? in a big kit for $180. That’s a great deal for everything I got, and it is worth the investment.

  8. Rosby Duhart says:

    thnx for you vid? it gave me some good ideas for carving bone and using it for inlay.

  9. toppertruthio says:

    ill second that …dremel 4000 rocks

  10. ShannonVBarnett says:

    Antlers. Deer antlers. Just? sayin.

  11. bob marley says:

    hi there mike the 496 dremel? the best m8 ive got 2 of them had 4 20+ years change brush s every half year my m8 broke clucth in side you can buy them from bosch
    $10.00 you cant buy them anymore guy at shop was telln me the 4000 burns out they have a bit of probs with them

  12. bob marley says:

    get? some high speed carbon cutters they are great for blockn out chur

  13. wejustaspeckofdust says:

    Hi MRoberson68 your video is very nice and it shows you have talent!!!
    You said we can request something we would like to see you carving….. well i really really would love to see somebody teaching me how to carve and model buffalo’s horn for smoking pipes mouthpieces, but of course if you would make a? complete smoking pipe we would also love it!!! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!!! Thanx for posting your videos.

  14. David Arwood II says:

    I ask my dentist for their dental bits. ? They’ve got some great sharp and real fine bits that they’ve always kicked down when I ask.

  15. Burlap Budda says:

    Hey Mike! I really like your carvings. I just started working in metals/stones/bones/feathers in a major way. I am wondering where you get your bone, esp. deer antlers. I know no hunter types so I have no access to the mateial. I ordered some fake bone, expecting it to? have some visual texture to it,but it’s just flat white!!

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