Best Use for a Dremel

I was excited to receive my new flip video camera, but opening the package was almost impossible. Luckily, I had a Dremel Cutter nearby to get the blasted th…

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25 Responses to Best Use for a Dremel

  1. coontakintei says:

    shove it up your bum and squeeze, it pops? open under pressure

  2. nikanj says:

    Rotary? saw?

  3. hornstra1 says:

    How did you manage to open your dremelbox? a torch?? C4? Daddy?

  4. albert lorenzo says:

    Get rid of? your laziness and i’ll bet you can open it without using a dremel…

  5. choc0blocklet2 says:

    he is a big tool

  6. mwhich50 says:

    You? guys are brutal! I thought it was funny.

  7. James Patterson says:

    EYE? PROTECTION!!!!!!!

  8. msungs says:

    You look like the people in Wall-E who have sat around and not done anything for a long time. May be you should open the packaging with your hands and arms. You could use the exercise.?

  9. absolutelycanon says:

    you better use a CUTTER bro !?

  10. haze541bsn says:

    Lmao I look for ? excuses to use my entire line of dremel tools lmao keep up the good work

  11. Jeremy Blanton says:

    glad to see I am not alone? 🙂

  12. fortinmike says:

    Funny, but how? about wearing some eye protection!

  13. cocospyda2000 says:

    I have a can opener? that has a tool that does that

  14. jeremiah agojo says:

    i’d use a gun/?

  15. tono108 says:


  16. Drew927 says:

    what if it? was a dremel that he opened

  17. NotSoHumblePie says:

    A faster, easier way to open up tamperproof retail packaging is to use a hand-operated can? opener. It slices right through the plastic and the opener easily negotiates any curvature of the package. Easy. No charge for the tip. : ) And like the other guy said, use eye protection. One accident is all it takes and it’ll happen faster than you can think ‘Oh, sh1t !!’

  18. yubidubi says:

    Funny video! Great idea? for opening plastic packaging.

  19. yubidubi says:

    Thanks for posting this video. I have ruined many? scissors opening up plastic packaging

  20. SpaceboyA55 says:

    haha i did? that once!

  21. lancerooke says:

    Why so many dislikes?? This is a fun video. Nothing wrong with it.

  22. Sam Clements says:

    I own a dremel, but i’d probably use a sharp thing to open it, something that’s been? around for about 5000 years of human development, a knife!
    Although if you’ve got a guy who thinks it’s ok to hold a tool that’s rotating at probably over 30,000rpm about a foot away from his face whilst staring at it cutting through plastic without any thought of his own personal safety, then probably knives are a bad idea. Seek adult supervision!

  23. PJCCC100 says:

    Some people just didn’t born for this… I can only imagine how would you open a can of pineapple or peach… Please, do not put complicated ideas on the childrens minds… And do not hurt yourself in your funny complicated solutions.? 🙂

  24. bluebow68 says:

    Desperate vid..learn to play an? instrument and entertain folk properly..PLEASE!!??..Or you may hurt yourself someday!

  25. AbuGrabIt says:

    Be a real man and use a bowie knife…just ask the sales? clerk to open the knife’s package for you.

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