Attaching a Shaper Router Table to a Dremel Rotary Tool

View the correct method for attaching a Shaper Router Table to a Dremel rotary tool.

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8 Responses to Attaching a Shaper Router Table to a Dremel Rotary Tool

  1. Kevin Millard says:

    total flimsy junk over priced and way over rated , had one and was totaly dissipointed with it, even the dremel tool it self is over rated and not worth the money? again way over priced

  2. xamanex says:

    the shaper router table , can use whit aluminium piece for make form??

  3. chainsawgeek100 says:

    type gift before youtube to win a? prize

  4. Tanya Sha says:

    money waste! Not stable, can’t hold the tool’s position under pressure. Not even centered (mine at least) – sanding drum would hit the edge. Waaay? overpriced

  5. cnn94001 says:

    does anyone know? if this table works with Craftsman Dremel rotary 572.610530? thanks.

  6. stopflux says:

    Dremels are not where near powerful enough to shape any material, the vibrations would be insane, and? so much chatter on the work piece would ensue.

  7. Andre Gross says:

    I use my dremel? 3000 for a lot of routing. Even in rock maple it works great.
    I routes the edge of a plywood minigolf course and it worked fine,
    Keep in mind the dremel 3000 is on the heavier duty side of the dremel lineup.

  8. Andre Gross says:

    Yes,? I think it will.

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