An Introduction to the new Dremel 4000

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  1. Dremel410 says:

    Hi? Dimsanda. The suggested retail price range for the Dremel 4000 is from $79 to $149 USD.

  2. dimsanda says:


  3. MrBondy123 says:

    This is the one?

  4. MrBondy123 says:

    To? watch

  5. MrBondy123 says:

    Is the multi saw any? good.

  6. Axbent says:

    dremel used to make a neat? little beltsander! Make more of them!

  7. Axbent says:

    Do the new? attatchments fit older Dremel Rotary tools?

  8. Dremel410 says:

    They do – any variable? speed rotary tool with a threaded nosepiece.

  9. Slic3R1 says:

    i would give anything for that tool ?

  10. Johnny Chan says:

    dremel? 8200 is better

  11. thetweeterman2871 says:

    omg chainsaw srapner for killing pepole?

  12. Dremel410 says:

    @steve4674 This is the newest corded tool from Dremel. In terms of additional? new tools there is also the cordless 8200, cordless Multi-Max and the Trio!

  13. pcblah says:

    Mine? broke i hav vid of it in my channel its the newest one

  14. Roman Knight says:

    awesome this tool is a multitool multifunctional multiawesome 😀 5* tool very good? quality is truth 😉

  15. nickbuol says:

    I used the 8200 for about 2 days.. I was using it to cut drywall holes. I would cut out about 4 can light holes and the battery would be depleted. Back on to the charger for an hour, then 4 more lights… This got old. I returned it and picked up the 4000 instead. The 8200 is nice, but not for? “heavy duty” work for any period of time.

  16. SkinGripz says:

    She’s? cute !!! Oh, tool is nice too…

  17. toppertruthio says:

    ive just bought the it ok to use for a few hours at a time ??

  18. nickbuol says:

    I’ve had great success with the 4000. Much more robust and useful for heavier duty tasks like cutting drywall. ? I have been using my 4000 like crazy ever since getting rid of the 8200. Just last night, I was using it non-stop for about 10 minutes as I was cutting 5/8″ drywall (thick stuff) and it never skipped a beat. Sure, it got a little warm, but it did fine. I put it down and a few minutes later was using it again. Very heavy duty.

  19. toppertruthio says:

    ok thanks ive had mine delivered and to be honest i looked at the little sanding tools and doubted it was gonna be that good.boy was? i surprsed when i started it up,it ate through the wood like impressed,and glad i bought it

  20. diana351 says:

    Can I drill a hole through quartz?

  21. Tristan Cook says:

    i got one today and it didn’t come with the e-z lock thing. the thing that’s? a wrench that also is a grip that screws onto the end. i got the whole kit with everything. i don’t really care about it,i have the wrench also. i am just dissapointed that it didn’t come. but i understand that some pieces just don’t get in the set. it happens with everyone:D

  22. longboard2319 says:

    Just bought one today. And so far it works great. There is a lot of attachments as you may know and has a very wide range of uses for? any small project you have. One more thing wear eye protection, there is a lot of debris Kick up form it spinning at 35,000 rpm’s.

  23. MuhsinTheMomin says:

    Ive had mine for years,? love it

  24. woosterken1 says:

    BINFORD? 4000 RRR
    so says tim the tool man

  25. Jesus Ernesto Valdez Almaral says:

    I want this tool!!? does it work? with drills of 1/32 and 1/64? or I need to buy an accesory to do that?

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